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About us


The Bogas brand appeared on the Romanian market in 2012, being characterized by passion for fashion and constant interest in current trends in clothing. Bogas stands out by capitalizing on trends through its own creations, always bringing more creativity and exuberance to the outfits.

The main objective of the online store is to offer non-conformist creations and encourage a daring attitude through clothing. Bogas creations are based on a special design, special materials and unique cuts, intended to encourage the passion for fashion, accessories and self-expression through clothing.

Bogas creations are the result of a complex process of studying trends, understanding the buying public, adapting and improving the models on the big catwalks.

The Bogas brand is constantly concerned with the wishes of the clients, always trying to meet their needs, one of the values ​​of the brand being the respect for the wishes and needs expressed by the consumer.