Delivery orders

Where BOGAS is unable to deliver the goods buyer ordered and paid in advance for objective and independent of the company, the buyer will be refunded the full amount paid.

 In such a case, the full amount paid refers to the actual expenses incurred by the client.

 The delivery time for standard delivery period is 24-72 hours.

 The buyer must accept a possible extension of the delivery period due to delays caused by the manufacturer or unforeseen events which do not depend on BOGAS in accordance with Ordinance no.21 / 1992 on Consumer Protection, as amended.

 Exceptions to standard time delivery of ordered gift vouchers, which will be delivered by e-mail, instant following completion of the order confirmation process.

 Goods delivered will be accompanied by invoice, which serves as a financial document, and that document warranty, unless otherwise stated. Using the customer a gift voucher for the purchase of goods, it will find itself properly in the bill. The buyer is required to address delivery to complete the order.

 If the goods are not available or desirable at this time concerns were raised regarding the performance delivery BOGAS representatives will immediately inform customers using existing contacts.

 If the goods are not received by the customer through established delivery, and was not contacted BOGAS customer can give the phone at +4 031 425 28 97  or contact via e-mail BOGAS at contact@bogas.com.

 Transport, packaging and payment terms Purchased goods are sent properly packed and the payment is made according to the method chosen by the buyer.

 For each order, the shipping fee is indicated separately.

 Bear in mind that the transportation fee is paid by buyer

 BOGAS retains ownership of the goods until the full price of the goods is paid.

 Any other transport related costs that occur between the carrier and the customer after the goods were delivered BOGAS will be paid by the buyer.

 If the customer chooses online payment transaction will be processed through Mobile Pay.

 BOGAS not solicit or store any card information or bank cards of the buyer.

 This information is strictly confidential and is processed directly on servers online payment service provider.

 Also, when making online payments, BOGAS not / can not be held liable for any additional client support, including but not limited to fees for currency conversion applied by the card issuing bank thereof, where currency the issue is different than the EUR.

 This responsibility lies with the customer.

 Method of delivery Delivery is made by courier GLS or DHL.

 Accepted by buyers lifting goods from the premises BOGAS.