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Conditions that must be met if you want to return a product

In order to accept the return of Bogas products, the condition is that the products must be in the same condition in which they were delivered (not to be damaged, not to show signs of wear, not to be washed, without stains or tears and to have all the labels intact) .

Due to the types of products we sell, we reserve the right to refuse any returned product that does not meet the acceptance conditions and cannot be resold as a new product, as it may endanger the health of the buyers.

We recommend trying the products without removing the cardboard label and the plastic seal.

You should know that the return of a product without a label and seal cannot be accepted .

The products marked in the return form must be handed over to the courier in full, exactly as they were selected on the website when requesting the return.

If in the return package there are and/or products different from those in the completed form, the collection and registration by us will be refused and returned back to the customer, at the customer's expense.


Product categories that cannot be returned

For hygiene reasons, products such as underwear and/or swimwear , as well as earrings , cannot be returned , as they may endanger the health of new buyers (according to GEO 34/2014 art. 16, letter e).


How to make a return

All return requests are completed here: Product return

According to Romanian legislation (regulated by GEO 34/2014 ), you can return the purchased products without penalty and without citing any reason, within 14 days of receiving the products.


Return procedure and costs

We pick up the products you want to return from the address indicated by you via the Fan Courier courier company. The cost of this service is 25 lei . You don't have to pay anything when you send the package, the value of this service will be deducted from the amount that we have to refund you.


1. Enter your Account and access the Return products section . Here you will find a form where you can select the products you want to return and which can be returned according to the return conditions. Select the order, then the products, the quantity, the reason for the return and the address. After registering the return request, you will receive a registration number.


2.     Then call Fan Courier at phone number 021-9336 to call a courier to pick up the products you want to return. Specify that the transport payment will be made to the recipient, specify the pick-up address (the address where you want the courier to come to pick up the products) and the destination address (BOGAS SHOP SA, Sos. Baicului , no. 82, Sector 2, Bucharest ). Do not forget that you must specify in the details the registration number received when you registered the return request in your Account on the website.



3. Pack the products exactly as you received them, in the personalized pink Bogas box and wait for the courier to come to collect the package.


The procedure for refunding the value of returned products

1. After checking the products you returned, we will notify you if you sent us products that do not meet the return conditions.


2. If the products you return were paid for with a shopping card, credit card or debit card, the amount will be returned to the account associated with it. If you paid by another method, we will return the money to a bank account indicated by you in the return request you registered on our website.


3.     The refund of the money related to the value of the returned products will be made in 14 days .


To know in case you send us products that do not meet the return conditions

We reserve the right to apply certain penalties or to refuse the return of the products and the return payment if:

1.     The products have been worn or have inappropriate odors (100% penalty and the product will be returned at the customer's expense).

2.     The products no longer have the seal attached, or the labels are broken (100% penalty and the product will be returned at the customer's expense).

3.     The products are not in their individual packaging, i.e. in a transparent plastic bag with a label with the product name, price and barcode (50% penalty).

4.     If the parcel is not packed exactly as you received it, i.e. in the original BOGAS box (customized pink cardboard box), a penalty of 30 Lei will be charged.

All parcels that leave from us are packed in front of the cameras, as a result, in the event of a misunderstanding regarding the packaging or the contents of a parcel, we will carefully check the footage of the moment of packing the parcel in question.

Also, the return parcels are checked in front of the cameras, that's why we reserve the right to refuse non-compliant products!

According to GEO no. 34/2014, SC Bogas Shop SA reserves the right not to accept the return of products that, by their nature, cannot be returned or that can degrade or deteriorate quickly.

All these terms and conditions are provided in:

- Ordinance no. 34/2014 regarding the legal regime of distance contracts

- Law no. 51 of 01/21/2003 for the approval of Government Ordinance no. 34/2014 regarding the legal regime of distance contracts

- This GEO 34/2014 regulates the rights of consumers in contracts concluded with professionals

For any details or uncertainties regarding the return of products, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 031 425 98 97.

According to the legislation in force, you have at your disposal the CONSUMER PHONE: 021-9551 of the National Authority for Consumer Protection.

Given the fact that the legislation in force does not provide for the right of return for legal entities, our return policy specifies that the Legal Entity is only entitled to an EXCHANGE OF PRODUCTS. Can't do RETURN.